Call For Maker Launch Party—>Please RSVP


For the October 16th Call for Maker launch party, please RSVP so we get a rough idea of who is coming. Thank you!

Get Ready to MAKE! Launch party – October 16th @7pm


Join us for the launch of our “Call for Makers” for the 2016 NoVa Mini Maker Faire in Reston, VA.

The Maker Faire will take place on Sunday, March 13th. If you would like to be an exhibitor at the Faire, please join us for the launch party for the Call for Makers on Friday, October 16th at 7pm at NOVA Labs (1916 Isaac Newton Square West, Reston, VA 20190).

We will have food and drinks as well as “lightning talks” from many makers from last year’s faire. Meet other makers. See the NOVA Labs Maker Space. Have fun!

Please RSVP to the event:

World’s Biggest 3D Printer!


The design team at WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) will unveil what is being billed as the world’s largest 3D printer on Friday in Rieti, Italy. Dubbed the “Big Delta,” this enormous device stands roughly 40 feet tall with a 20 foot diameter.

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Robert E Simon

Robert Simon

Robert Simon with Amy Shaw (co-founder of the NoVa Mini Maker Faire) at the inaugural NoVa Mini Maker Faire in March 2014.

On Monday, Robert E Simon the founder of Reston, passed away. I think I speak for the small group of us (mostly) Restonites who organize and run the NoVa Mini Maker Faire in saying that we will certainly miss him. And strangely, though we did not know him all that well, I think we felt genuine sorrow at his passing. There was something about Mr. Simon and what he accomplished with Reston that we enjoy every day that makes him seem like family to all of us. So from all of us in the maker community, thank you.


Hack-A-Day Visits Our Local Maker Space NOVA Labs


Washington DC has a vibrant hardware hacking community and it was out in force on Saturday night, September 12. We had over one hundred people through the door at Nova Labs in Reston, Virginia (DC metro area). This sleek and spacious hackerspace opened their doors for a Hackaday Meetup as part of a weekend packed full of activities.

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Video Highlights from the 2015 NoVa Mini Maker Faire

Ingenuity in Wood

If anyone feels like making one of these for the 2016 Nova Mini Maker Faire, please do! This is mesmerizing!

3D-Printed Rib Cage


It sounds like something straight out of a comic book, but after losing his sternum and part of his rib cage to cancer, a 54-year-old Spanish man received the world’s first 3D-printed chest prosthetic made from lightweight, but incredibly strong, titanium.


Titanium implants aren’t new, but replacing large sections of the rib cage is tricky. Titanium prosthetics are usually built from various plate components, and over time they can come loose creating future complications.

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Hackaday is coming to Nova Labs!


Attention all NoVa Mini Maker Faire attendees and Makers. There is a unique event happening at our local maker space, NOVA Labs this Saturday, September 12, 2015. See below for more info and here:

SATURDAY NIGHT BRING A HACK! This is a free event but we’d like you to RSVP so we know how much food and drink to get. RSVP HERE.

This event is to complement a PCB workshop and soldering surface mount workshop. Saturday evening September 12, 2015  Nova Labs and Hackaday co-host a Bring A Hack meetup.

Doors open 6pm.

Is Lacrosse on Paddleboard Reston’s Next Sport?

First, there was standup paddleboarding on Reston’s lakes. Then came yoga on said paddleboards. Now, Steve Gurney, the owner of Surf Reston Stand Up Paddleboarding, has come up with a new way for fun on the lake.

Two summers ago, Gurney attached a lacrosse stick to a paddle and got the idea for Paddle Polo. Players can use the paddle to pass the ball back and forth as the cruise around on water — or engage in a fast-paced polo, lacrosse, even golf or baseball games.

About a dozen design changes later, Gurney has a provisional patent, a Reston-based (albeit small) manufacturing operation and an e-commerce site.

“I was lifeguarding via SUP at the lake swim [on Lake Audubon], and I had a couple of lifeguards talking about lacrosse,” said Gurney.

Paddle Polo stick/Courtesy Paddle PoloGurney shared his idea with his father, Jack, a retired engineer. Jack Gurney tweaked the design and used the 3D printer at Langston Hughes Middle School, where he is a volunteer, to make the second prototype, said Gurney.

The Gurneys then moved the design test to Reston’s Nova Labs, a makerspace, where the design went through further changes.

“My dad and I presented at the Nova Mini Maker Faire this spring to show people how you can execute on an idea using community resources,” said Gurney. “Our current model is manufactured from several sources but assembled in my garage. Things are heating up with the sales we are doing really well with youth camps and lacrosse camps leagues and tournaments.”

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